The FARMA ONE team has a recognized experience of more than 15 years in innovative solutions in the Health area. FARMA ONE is at the forefront of the most profitable solutions in Europe. Architecture and Engineering projects for pharmacies include furniture, equipment and associated technology.


FARMA ONE has an experienced team, with a recognized kow-how in the market. Oriented towards the realization of innovative projects, invests in a constant research on better technical solutions and a careful materials selection.

FARMA ONE embraces challenges and sees each pharmacy as a unique project.


FARMA ONE is a WALL UP GROUP brand specialized in transforming pharmacies and clinics into attractive and profitable spaces.

Responds to customers’ needs with an adequate budget and solutions, guaranteeing the best return on investment in the near future.



• Complete Project Analysis
• 2D and 3D Projects
• Budgeting
• Licensing
• Planning
• Construction


– Front Office:
• Display Shelves
• Gondolas
• Desks

– Back Office:
• Laboratories
• Offices
• Warehouse
• Conference


• Luminous Signage
• Fridges
• Luminous Cross
• Medicine Drawers
• Thermohygrometer
• Balance
• Night Service Safes
• Exam Tables
• Your Turn System
• Fire and Intrusion System